Bed and breakfast in the Monferrato

On the road of Liguria and Tuscany , we are halfway between Alba , Asti , Alessandria and Turin. These welcoming land and the season are the cradle of the white or tartuffo truffles, asparagus, chard, Barbera and Moscato . Our expertise , our services are relaxation, walking, cycling, massage , seminars , various tastings , guided tours. Our goal is to share and pass on our passion. We are a link between you and the various actors who animate this region for the sake of tradition.
Our cooking focuses on local products and seasons. Our menus , but inspired cooking and innovative mixture of epicurean , vegetarian, Indian and colored .

Formula Familly

  • A kind of space
  • Parent's Corner
  • Guided tours and artisan-transformer
  • Budget control


Formula Week-end

  • Menu Welcome
  • Réservation de prestations
  • Visites et dégusation accompagnés
  • Parcours découvertes


Formula Relaxation

  • Cooking Vegetarian or adapted
  • Massage & Relaxation
  • Swiming pool or sauna/hamam
  • Meditation rom inside / outside



Tasting our wine production , as well as local products discovery


Fitness, meditation , massage, pool, sauna and relaxation.

Vegetarian, epicurean, allergic, carnivore, vegan?

Seasonal cooking and suitable

how many times during a holiday meal or surrounded by a beautiful company I pretended lack of appetite to not wake my intolerences, not to reveal my weaknesses or digestive allergies avoid those that spoils my meal. How many times I have thoroughly analyzed my dish served and diverted attention from questions about the composition to be sure that I qualify. All this attention to be excluded at a corner table.
The kitchen I propose is based on listening and respecting differences. For each guest is an active and equal particiapnt in sharing these moments.

La Ca'Za is a collection of varied and adapted services

For your curiosity and integration, we have this ability to propose activities and organize them. Be surprised ........